Franklyn Healthcom is a multi-platform, totally integrated solutions-based agency. We believe that the most beautiful thing about a creative solution is the ROI it delivers. And we understand that each day, customers gain more control over how and when they receive information. So we don’t work in silos and come to you without vested interests or predetermined outcomes.

There is a gap, a kind of project, that neither your Agency of Record 
nor your production shop/solo designer can efficiently complete.

Mostly, this means projects that require medical editorial which aligns with existing strategy. It also could mean projects embracing the very latest technologies or market changes. Your Agency-of-Record’s processes are too big or too slow. If you use your production house/solo designer, you’ll have to do most of the thinking and the editorial work yourself, and you’ll also need to handle your own Med/Reg submission.

Franklyn has owned this “Middle Way” for two decades. 
We know regulatory submissions inside and out. 
We do no less and no more than required.

We know how to help our clients look good…

History • Structure • Operations • Capabilities
96 percent first time right

We understand the goal to be a health care solutions and patient-centered organization

We know how to submit to regulatory – 96% First-Time Approvals

We get what you need. Fast. Our core competency is rapid ramp up on branding, process, style guides.

Right-sized for First-Time Right

Appropriate pricing – Productive. Not counterproductive

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