Every day, your business stakeholders are bombarded with messages. This bombardment creates two challenges for marketers:

  • To create memorable messages that resonate with the kind of relevance and sense of urgency that inspires action.
  • To embed these memorable messages inside a closed loop reaching your target audience.
  • Having the right information and doing the right thing with it are altogether different.

At Franklyn, we succeed in meeting these challenges by impacting behavior at the point-of-care via better segmentation, technology integration and meaningful patient- and prescriber-centric messaging.

Making this happen requires a deep-rooted understanding of the healthcare business and technology from all stakeholder perspectives. Quite simply, at Franklyn, our depth of understanding in these areas separates us from other agencies.

We craft memorable, measurable, messages and we embed those messages inside a closed loop reaching your target audience. So maybe your message goes through a payer’s technology infrastructure, to an HCP, to the patient. Or we insert a technology mechanism to get rejected Rx’s filled.

What can we work on for you?