Therapeutic Area: Oncology
Timeframe: 4 months

Oncology Middle Way Case Study

Franklyn saves an oncology franchise $800k in 4 months.


Label/ISI Updates were the bulk of our $800k savings

Our brand contact handed us the new label and almost 70 pieces of brand content. We identified and updated all  fair balance and efficacy claims where necessary.

  • In addition to our client’s brand label updates, we also noticed and updated content referencing competitive brands whose labels also changed.
  • We insured consistency throughout a 70-page learning module and across all the materials we touched.
ISI Updates

ISI Updates are where we save brands immense $ and headaches.


The printer Benjamin Franklin contributed greatly to waste reduction thinking

The printer Benjamin Franklin contributed greatly to waste reduction thinking

“Lean Production aims to combine the flexibility and quality of craftsmanship with the low costs of mass production.”
 The Economist


“Learning to see waste and systematically eliminate it has allowed lean companies such as Toyota to dominate entire industries.”
– Eric Ries


“If your marketing team wants to run lean, you need to work with lean agencies.”
– Jim Altfeld